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ActiveDocument.DoReload 2,False,False

What is the meaning of ActiveDocument.DoReload 2,False,False

Some one please explain ...


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Re: ActiveDocument.DoReload 2,False,False

Active document will be reloaded with the following parameter consideration:

param 1(Error Mode): 2-> Syntax Error

param 2(Partial reload): False-> Full reload/No partial reload

param 3(Debug mode): False-> Debug breakpoint not be enabled

hence, the reload would take place with only considering syntax error for full reload and no debug breaking point enabled.

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Re: ActiveDocument.DoReload 2,False,False

Hey thanks a lot tres.

I struggled a lot with it.
Where can I find exact details of the syntaxes of the above.
As well can you please put some light upon Reload & DoReload

Thanks a lot

Re: ActiveDocument.DoReload 2,False,False

Look at APIGuide.qvw within your install folder for examples and descriptions.

- Marcus

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