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Add a Value in Tablebox Field VBS?

Dear Community,

i need to add a Value from a Tablebox via vbs?  I know how to add a Field but i dont know how to add a Value in a Field.

This Works:

Set tb2= ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("Gruppe" & Gruppenzahl)

tb2.AddField "Gruppe"

But know i need to add an Value into "Gruppe"

Any ideads

kind regards


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Re: Add a Value in Tablebox Field VBS?

Hi Bernd,

Can you elaborate the term "Value"?(abd give example)

If you add Field into table box it should have all values that already were loaded.


Re: Add a Value in Tablebox Field VBS?

You would perhaps not be allowed to add value to a field from the front-end. QV gets values during load. However, you can poosibly use Inputfield feature of qv if that suits your need.

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Re: Add a Value in Tablebox Field VBS?

ok i try to descripe my whole problem.

I am programming the missing group function for any object so that u can move or change properties for all objects at the same time. My Progress is very good. But i need to save a group of object for a reopening of a qvw document. I Create tableboxes with vbs for each group that i build it all works but i finally need to add the Object ids in my Field Ids to save them. I cant save them in a variable because of the situation that i have more than one group. I have one ugly workaround so that i make a string variable with seperators(delimiters) but it isnt beautifull because i need to revoke groups at any time and to build group in groups. My Group function works already .

I only need to find a way to save the information easy and get it easy in groups.

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