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Add minichart column via VB macros


Could you please help me with setting up a minichart column via VB Macros?

Here is a code I'm trying to use:

set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH55")

set p = chart.GetProperties

set exps = p.Expressions

set expItem = exps.Item(0).Item(0).Data.ExpressionVisual

expItem.Label.v = "Trend line"

exps.Item(0).Item(0).Data.ExpressionData.UsePartialSum = false ' no totals



chart.SetProperties p

expItem.MiniChartCellSettings.Dimension(0).Name="time_id" produces an error "Invalid procedure call or argument".

In fact, I can refer to expItem.MiniChartCellSettings.Dimension(0).Name if I already set up minichart manually via GUI but that is not the case I need.

Any references and examples are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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