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AdventureWorks Database

I am new to Qlikview and was wondering if the adventureworks.xls database is available to download somewhere? I would like to try and recreate the Sales Management and Customer Analysis Demo as a tool for learning this wonderful software.

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Re: AdventureWorks Database

I am not sure if there is a Excel file called adventureworks,  I think you are referring to the Microsoft sample / demo database that ships with their MSSQL products.

You can download the demo DB from


see also


There is also a free version of MSSQL server (Express) which you can download from the MS site.


Hope this helps,


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Re: AdventureWorks Database

Thanks swuehl! I will look into those!


Re: AdventureWorks Database

Hi no-one seems to be anwering this question and its been asked in a number of places.  The Sales Management and Customer Analysis demo uses both the Adventureworks database, easy to find at codeplex but also uses Adventureworks.xls as below.  Where can we download the Adventureworks.xls?

Name as ProductCategoryName
biff, embedded labels, table is ProductCategory$)
WHERE EXISTS(ProductCategoryID);

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Re: AdventureWorks Database


Just want to share my thoughts here. I am always utilizing Qlik Demo in two different ways for my internal customer demonstration.

1) Create two copy of the demo, use one copy as a binary load, change the data by using mapping load and resident load which suits our customer needs.

2) If there are few tables in the demo, export those tables in excel, change the data as per customer requirement, replace the existing demo qvd/db table with newly created excel.

Of course, I have to change or add few things as well e.g logo, label, introduction but this is saving lots of my time.


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