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Advice on fact table and budget


I have a simple application with three dimension tables (Customers, Products, and Calendar) and one fact table where I concatenated orders and invoices details.

My keys are as follows:

  1. Customers table/Fact table = Customer Number
  2. Products table/Fact table = Product Number
  3. Calendar/Fact table = Date

I now received a budget table set up like this:

  1. Product Number
  2. Customer Country
  3. Customer Type
  4. Sales Division
  5. Month
  6. Value

What I would like to do, is to follow orders/invoices and budget by product, country, month, and customer type. I concatenated the budget table to the fact table, and I was able to do it by product and date, because the links are obvious. But I'm not sure how to follow the budget by country. I don't have any customer number in my budget table, so I don't see how I can link these two.

Any help?

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