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Aggr function problem

Hi guys,

I am having trouble with the following expression, because it is returning zero and it shouldn't:

=sum(aggr( (

(sum( { < myYear=,myMonth=,myDay=, [End Date]=$(=vDataSel_min),[myDate]=$(=vDateSel) > } [End Date] ) )


(min( {$} TOTAL


My idea is to subtract the minimum of the selected date to the EndDate for each ID. Each ID has its own EndDate.

I have already the following similar expression and it is working fine:


max({$} TOTAL



- (sum({<myYear=,myMonth=,myDay=, [myDate]=$(=vDateSel),[End Date]=$(=vDataSel_max)>}


I don't understand why it is working for the second one and it is not working for the first one. There are no errors in the defined variables, I am using all of them in other objects.

Thanks in advance,


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