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Aggregate Table in Qlikview

Dear All,

  For a Dashboard, I need to create an Aggregate Table. Can I create it in Qlikview and update values to it?

Your suggestions are really very much appreciated!!

Thanks & Regards,

Saravana Prabhu

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Aggregate Table in Qlikview

Can you be more specific? Aggregation is certainly possible but how depends on your requirements. In the script is best, unless the aggregation will depend on user selections. What do you need to achieve and can you post a sample of your app?

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Aggregate Table in Qlikview

  Thanks for your reply..

  Actually in a table, customer id, purchase date and some other columns are there, we need to create an cutomer attrition dashboard using this table. So far that we planned to create an aggregate table as below.

Customer Attrition.bmp

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Aggregate Table in Qlikview


You can get the look you want with a pivot table. Drag one of the date headers to the top of the table to create the cross table.

You can colour the diagonal using the expression background colour. Something like

    If(month1 = month2, yellow())

(assuming month1 and month2 are the two date dimensions)



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