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Aliasing Fields using Data Definitions

This videos show how to use a data dictionaryto alias (or rename) fields.


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Contributor III

Aliasing Fields using Data Definitions

Hi Josh.

This is very good.

However, in some cases the datasource field names are coded, i.e TLBKID, TRTTYP.

As a developer I would normally rename the fields on which I do something (where clauses, if statements etc.) in the beginning of the script, for better readability.

Then at the end of the script I could use your technique to rename the rest of the fields.

Kind regards

Magnus Åvitsland

BI Consultant

Framsteg Business Intelligence Corp.


Aliasing Fields using Data Definitions

Very good point Magnus.  This technique can be used in combination with manual aliasing.  QlikView will simply keep the manually aliased names and replace the ones that have not been manually aliased.



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