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Always show objective

Hi, people

I have a problem and i would like to know how recommend you to solve this :

I have a fact table(sales table) that have all the facturation, this fact tables have some key , like Canal, zone and others , now i have  a new requirement and i have to add Objective to this Canal and zone.

I do it, but my problem is that i can see the future objetive, if i have no facturation ... for example , i cant see the objective of march or april 2014 because in my fact table there is no facturation about these months.

i create a table that have a relation with the fact table with a composed key.

what change in my model do you recommend and if you have an example would be better!

sorry for my english, hope you can understand me!

thank you a lot


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Re: Always show objective

As per your statements the Objective data must have the date field and you fact table must have the date field.

Create the link table that connects you fact table and future Objectives and Calender.


LOAD DISTINCT Canal, Zone , Date Resident FactTable;

Concatenate (TempLinkTable)

LOAD DISTINCT Canal, Zone , Date From Objective Data;





Resident TempLinkTable;

DROP Table TempLinkTable ;

Based on your requirements you can keep Canal , Zone in the Link Table of fact table.


Re: Always show objective

instead of joining try concatenating your goals and fact table..see script of attached example

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Re: Re: Always show objective

People, i send an example

as you can see if you chosee any month year of 2014, the objective desapear

thank you again for your help!


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Re: Always show objective

If Objective data have date & you need to add the date field in your key

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