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Answers required for questions

Hi Friends,

i need answers for below interview questions.

  1. If qlikview couldn’t find the file in the destination folder, it will throw up error. How to disable it? (Errormode=0)
  2. Data modeling concepts.(Star and SnowFlake)
  3. How to get current selection in the Drill down /cyclic group field?
  4. How to optimize qlikview Application?
  5. How to implement Incremental Load?
  6. What is slowly changing dimension? And in qlikview , how it is implemented?
  7. What is valuelist and valueloop functions?
  8. What is the difference between rowno and recno?

.  9.   Difference between Qlikview Server and Publisher? How to send pdf reports to people outside the domain?

   10. Did you face any problems after migrating to new versions in Qlikview? ( Problems with Ajax and IE plugin)

Plz send these answers to my mail id -- dasaradh.testing@gmail.com   It is very helpful for me.

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Re: Answers required for questions


Some of those questions are vague enough as to write a book about them.

Please note that our QlikCommunity is all about sharing and learning, so feel free to start a discussion about an specific scenario or a specific question, and wait for prompt, well detailed answers. But let people reply to your post so all the community can benefit from this knowledge instead of asking to send an email directly to you, and mark replies as helpful or answers if they were!

Hope this makes sense and helps you to build a stronger QlikCommunity.

Kind regards,


P.S.: This document will help you understand how QlikCommunity works: http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3098