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Apply Map for multiple values

Hi Friends

I have two fieds and thier descriptions.

X Desc    and   Y Desc

1 HHH              9 AAA

2 PPP              8 BBB

3 JJJ                7 CCC

And their combination gives different description like this

X  Y Desc

1 9  SSS

2  9 EEE

3  8 RRR

Now I want to display these descriptions when the user mouse over the cells.

The problem is the combination of these values.  How to handle this situation.


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Re: Apply Map for multiple values

Can't understand your question properly? Can you provide more information pls?

You can use


Mapping Load

X&Y as Key,


From TableName;

Now use

ApplyMap('MapTemp',X&Y,'Unknown') as Desc


Re: Apply Map for multiple values

Straight Tables and Pivot Tables do not support tooltips / popups on the cell , just the field header...  so whether its the first , second or combination description field this isn't possible.

You could do that in a visual chart however or just add a 2nd expression to the chart and give users the toggle to show one , none or both expressions

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