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ApplyMap > Date Bridge > Canonial Calendar issue!

Dear ALL*,

I have got a question regarding setting up a 'DateBridge' with the use of Applymap() which enables the Canonical Date Calendar!

I have made a model in which I use 5 different type of Dates, so I created 5 different MasterCalendars.

First step is to create a Datebridge with the use of applymap. But what is it I need to map, I do not quite understand that part?

Could anybody give me any directions what I should be mapping, the scripting part seems straight forward. (Ive read both topics I linked, could someone eloborate on this with the use of this example?)

Much appreciated!

This is my model:


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Re: ApplyMap > Date Bridge > Canonial Calendar issue!


Please find the below attachments.

Hope it helps you.



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Re: ApplyMap > Date Bridge > Canonial Calendar issue!

Hello Pavan thank you for your help, I will look into this. The first .qvw unfortunately is not personal edition enabled!

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Re: ApplyMap > Date Bridge > Canonial Calendar issue!

I have tried some things now, but there is this issue which seems different then the examples I see.

The example you showed is somewhat like this:


Let us say the OrderLines table is my MasterAircraft Table. As you notice, this example has DIRECT relation to the Dates via the OrderID field.

Now let us take a look at my example, it has INDIRECT connection to the dates (MasterCalendar2 3 and 4).

Thanks to your example I now understand the 'basic' example. However the this new problem I sketch is somewhat of a mystery. How can I solve this problem?