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Auto export QV charts into power point through windows task scheduler

Hi Guys,

     I need help on the issue below, hope that somebody can help on this.

     My customer purchased QV server 10 license which already implemented but without the publisher license. Through the QMC, we're able to schedule the reload document base on weekly basis. However, they also request to have auto export charts into power point on weekly basis as well. we've have constructed the macro inside the file to export to power point with the use of variable in OnOpen trigger from Document Properties. besides that, we've generate a batch file to pass the correct variable value into the QV file with the script below:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\Qv.exe" /vVAutoSchedule=1 E:\FOLDER\QV.qvw.

we setup a windows task scheduler in windows server 2008 to run the batch file base on weekly basis. the task executed successfully with the option "Run only when user is logged on". but when choose the 2nd option "Run whether user is logged on or not", the qv.exe & ppt.exe show up in task manager but both the files invisible on screen. the auto export function will only print screen the related chart / table into the power point template when visible on screen. Hopefully can get some feedback from you guys that encountered the same problem like me and give solution if possible. thanks.

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Re: Auto export QV charts into power point through windows task scheduler

I had had similar issues and let a master-user always logged in. Also I use the parameter /l therewith the visibility is true and closed it afterwards per quit-command. The parametrization from my auto-update with various export and mail routines will be controlled through different batch- and vbs-files (different checks and generated for example include-variables for the load-statements).

Cause will propably be that certain parts needed more rights as a background process per default offered and/or that the visibility from program must be set on true. I think it could be solved with a lot of time per searching with process monitor and log-files to find the real causes ....

- Marcus

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Re: Auto export QV charts into power point through windows task scheduler

I'm afraid that you can not perform what you need to do with batch files and windows tasks because:

- it's instable: just change the password of windows user and tasks will no longer function

- applications like QlikView and PowerPoint may need a session compatible with UI and I think that this is the reason because you may have appended processes

I suggest you evaluate softwares that perform this kind of actions.

For example with NPrinting you can schedule exports in various formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, text files) and you can add conditions to this kind of tasks (e.g. generate pptx only when the qvw is reloaded)

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Re: Auto export QV charts into power point through windows task scheduler

Hi, Isaac.

I agree with Andrea.

You should find that NPrinting will deliver what you are after.

NPrinting enables you to schedule the sending of QlikView objects to a number of Microsoft formats. You can send the output as an email or to a destination folder. Filtering at recipient level enables you to tailor the data accordingly.

In terms of cost, it is around 30% to 40% of the cost of QlikView Publisher which makes it very tempting.

Have a look at: