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New Contributor III

Autogenerate gives the error

sub DoDir(Root)
// For Each Ext In 'XLSM'
for each File in filelist( Root&'/*.' &'XLSM' )

'$(File)' as FileName,
timestamp(FileTime(),'D-M-YYYY 0:00:00') as Date,
[Logged time],
// F3, F4,
// F5, F6,
// F7, F8,
// F9,
// F10,
// F11,
// F12,
// F13,
// F14,
round( F15*100,0.1) as [Time assigned in group not in withdrawel %],
// F16,
// F17,
round( F18*100,0.1) as [Time unreachable %],
round( F19*100,0.1) as [Total time of non ACD work %],
// F20,
round( F21*100,0.1) as [Total time of ACD work %],
// F22,
// F23,
// F24,
round( F25*100,0.1) as [Total conversation time of incoming ACD %]
//D:\Qlik BI\30_data\External\Telefooncentrale\data\Agenten\19_03_19\*
$(File)//[$(vDirectoryPath)\*.*] /// Script Community
(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Detailed_report, filters(
Remove(Row, RowCnd(Compound,
RowCnd(CellValue, 1, StrCnd(contain, '(', not)),
RowCnd(CellValue, 2, StrCnd(contain, '%', not))
Replace(1, top, StrCnd(null)),
Replace(2, bottom, StrCnd(null)),
Top(1, 'Agent'),
Top(2, 'Logged time')
autogenerate 1;
next File

for each Dir in dirlist( Root & '\*' )
call DoDir(Dir)
next Dir
end sub
Call DoDir('D:\Qlik BI\30_data\External\Telefooncentrale\data\Agenten')