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Automatic reload on server and publisher environment


we have a qvw file where we loaded data using the qlik connector- Google drive and spreadsheet connector

I have a requirement to sent the email alerts daily based on the reload,so for this i need to create automatic reloads on daily basis (normally it was achieved by using .bat file )

will the bat file works in this scenario,if works please let me know the steps

and i have qlikview server and publisher

Thanks in advance

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Re: Automatic reload on server and publisher environment


Hope below suggestion helps.

1. Create a Alert using Tools -> Alert Wizard

2.  In step 3 select the "On Post Reload" option

3. Define your Custom Message and recipients

3. If you have publisher, create a task to reload the dashboard and schedule it with daily refresh.

4. Through publisher, if the task reload the QVW, on post reload the email will be sent

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