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Autoreload on server with qvw chain

Hi all,

I'm designing a solution based on autoreload and chains qvw. To avoid loading a huge qvw, I would like to create a summary qvw and, pushing a button, open another qvw that auto-reload with only selected data from the filters in the first qvw. In your experience, could that work? I know that you can connect multiple qvw and to open the target filtered to the parameters of the first but doing in this way, before applying the filters, qvw is loaded completely and due the huge amount of data would not provide the speed that the customer requires.

Recharging the opening qvw target with only the selected filters in the introductory qvw might be a good solution.
It's possible?

thanks for the tips!

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Re: Autoreload on server with qvw chain

I think you must Optimize your qlikview qvw files using incremental load , after this you can reload set of qvw by using batch command like following command

"C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe"  /l  /noSecurity  "D:\Qlikview Applications\Email_Distribution.qvw"

Hope this help you


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Re: Autoreload on server with qvw chain

Hello Marco,

Maybe the new Direct Discovery feature that is now available with QlikView 11.2 could answer this need. Here is a link to a QlikView blog entry related to this feature:




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Re: Autoreload on server with qvw chain

Hi Philippe, thanks for the reply but the Direct Discover is very-very-very limited. i've try this solution and i think i need more flexibility.

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