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In my application i'm trying to take an average from a calculated value (relative number of orders in the week). For this i'm trying to use the following expression:

=avg(aggr(Sum(Order)/Sum(TOTAL Order),Store))

Which will aggregate the percentage of orders in the week by the store and take the average from this values. But it's not working, could somebody help me?

On the attachment i've made and example of what i need (The average of the percentage from each day of the week on each week of the month of both stores). Doing it by hand it shold be showing 63% (fisrt store, monday of the first week) + 55% (Second store, monday, first week) /2 = 59%.

I appreciate the help.


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Re: Avg

How about an expression something like :

     sum ( Order ) / sum ( TOTAL Order )

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Re: Avg

=avg(TOTAL aggr(Sum(Order)/Sum(TOTAL Order),Store))

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Re: Avg

Could you do an example for me? I tried but it didn't work.

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Re: Avg

Try this:


Sum({<Store={1}>}Order)/Sum({<Store={1}>}TOTAL Order) + Sum({<Store={2}>}Order)/Sum({<Store={2}>}TOTAL Order))/GetPossibleCount(Day