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Avoid a cycle-error

Hello friends,

I am new to this community and I have a question:

I got 4 tables:

  1. table A
  2. table B
  3. table C
  4. table D

table A got these fields:

date | ID | amount

table B got these fields:

ID | IDd

table C got these fields:

ID | IDd2

table C got these fields:

IDd | IDd2 | account

In table B are all IDs which have a positive amount and in table C are all IDs which have a negative amount.

I want to have a pivot-table with date and account as dimension and a sum(amount) as the formel.

I now want to know, how do I avoid a cycle-error if I load the tables. Until now I tried to load the tables one after the other and I tried to load them with left join, but both options did not solve my problem.

Thank you very much for your tips and please excuse my bad english

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Re: Avoid a cycle-error


Thank you for your response. I need table C because this is the link from table A to table D. So if I rename the field IDd2 to something else would break the loop, but I would loose the information about the link.

Is it not possible to load all into one table using LEFT JOIN?