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Bar Chart

Hi All,

I have an Bar Chart and written the following expression:

=Num(SUM({<MonthYear={'>=$(=MonthStart(vCurrYear_SelectedMnth, 1-NUM(Month(vCurrYear_SelectedMnth))))<=$(=vCurrYear_SelectedMnth)'}

>}[CM Hours])/SUM({<MonthYear={'>=$(=MonthStart(vCurrYear_SelectedMnth, 1-NUM(Month(vCurrYear_SelectedMnth))))<=$(=vCurrYear_SelectedMnth)'}

>}[CM NORM Hrs]),'#,##0.0%').

The problem what i am facing is for example:

In month year i have data from Jan to Dec. Now which ever month is selected the data should be showed like

Jan - CM hours CM Norm HRs

          10               30

Feb-    20               40

Mar-    30               50

Now if i select march data should be for March is 10+20+30/30+40+50 but i am getting as 10/30 for Jan , 20/40 for Feb , 30/50 For March.

When i take it in seperate  text box i am getting correct data. Now In graph i m not getting correct values. Can you please tell me where i am missing.

The dimension is =IF(GetFieldSelections(MonthYear)>= MonthYear, DATE(MonthYear,'MMM-YY'))