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Bar Graph Dimension based on Calculated Percent of a Sum

How do I make a bar graph dimension based on a calculated percent of a Sum?

For example, if I have:

Continent  Country  Medals  Attempts

NorthAM    US          10         20

NorthAM    Canada   5          5

Europe       Spain      3          12

Europe       France    3          6

Asia            Russia   10        15

I would like to show the number of CONTINENTS that have under 50% medals/attempts in red compared to under 75% in Yellow and over 75% green.

In my example:

  NorthAm would be 15/25 = 60% (Yellow)

  Europe would be 6/18 = 33% (Red)

  Asia would be 10/15=66% (Yellow)

So my bar graph should show:

  Yellow:  2

  Red:  1

I've been playing with creating multiple expressions like this, with no luck:

   =COUNT(DISTINCT if(SUM(TOTAL <Continent> Medals)/SUM(TOTAL <Continent> Attempts)<.5,Continent))

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Re: Bar Graph Dimension based on Calculated Percent of a Sum

See attached example.

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