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Bar chart expression name on bar


Is it possible to have the expression name inside the bar, see example, we already have the value of the expression on top top of the chart That is instead of having expressions as legends. Hope I am making sense


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Re: Bar chart expression name on bar

Looks like it is 2 dimension chart... Can you provide expression and dimension you have used in this chart?

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Re: Bar chart expression name on bar

There is no dimension. Just three expressions

Expressions are basically something like this

Budget Expression is

sum({$<MonthName=,AccountType = {P},MonthNum = {1},BudgetTypeGroup = {'Expenditure'}>}BudgetDistributionCalculation + BudgetMovementMonthly)


Actual Expression is

sum({$<MonthName=,AccountType = {P},MonthNum = {1},BudgetTypeGroup = {Expenditure}>}Actual)


Actual Incl Comm expression looks like this

sum({$<MonthName=,AccountType = {P},MonthNum = {1},BudgetTypeGroup = {Expenditure}>}Actual + Commitments)


Re: Bar chart expression name on bar

May be try to use Dual Function..

for e.g Budget Expression

=Dual('Budget',sum({$<MonthName=,AccountType = {P},MonthNum = {1},

BudgetTypeGroup = {'Expenditure'}>}BudgetDistributionCalculation + BudgetMovementMonthly))

Then, in the Presentation tab -> Plot values inside Segments..


Re: Bar chart expression name on bar

Like this? (using, dual())..


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Re: Bar chart expression name on bar

It's not the Actual Values that I want inside the chart, it is the Label of the Expression only, I really like the ideas , great for another time, this one is just a space saver, Just bit of an ideal to have the value and the Label as two different entities if I can call it that. So instead of having Sum(Data) as a legend, have it alone inside the bar and then the value as values on Data points..

Am I making sense, not critical but a nice to have at this point in time

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Re: Bar chart expression name on bar

hi andret1802 if this is what you want :cap.PNG

then you can do this by using the presentation tab and add a text in chart:cap1.PNG


best regards.

Re: Bar chart expression name on bar


one solution could be also (using tresesco's example):






hope this helps