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New Contributor III

Batch Issue : while running it mannually

While running the "xx.bat” file manually.

Im facing the issue..

PLease refer the error message of below picture was displayed. (QlikView x64)


Is this can be the license problem.

Because, i copied some “XXX.qvw” files created by current server license to new server.

But, this new server has no license, so can’t open/rewrite these “XXX.qvw” files.

Do anyone know why this error message shown?

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Valued Contributor II

Re: Batch Issue : while running it mannually

Shouldn't be a license problem. Another process is using the file and it cannot be accessed.

Do you have Publisher?

New Contributor III

Re: Batch Issue : while running it mannually

Yes Jerry

Re: Batch Issue : while running it mannually

Source files can usually be read by any number of processes at the same time if no other process is rewriting those same files (and no-one has an Exclusive Lock on these files). As soon as someone starts saving that QVW (for example during/after a reload) you will not be able to make a copy.

Windows backup programs solve that situation (for example, database systems keep their files open 24hrs a day - so how do you make a backup then?) by instantiating the file system (using the VSS sub-system) into an previous copy and a current copy of files. It acts like a sort of "freeze" of a particular state of files. The previous copy can be read while the current copy is rewritten.

IMHO you cannot use that same technique in a batch file. You'll probably have to wait until everyone stops writing the QVW documents you want to copy.



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