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Best way to manage default selections

This is a general question about selecting the 'default' data a user sees.

Many of us 'filter' our data in the script; for example, SELECT where FIELD1 = 'A' or 'B' or 'C'   ... etc

This is fine until a new selection for FIELD1 is needed, and then someone has to modify the script. And often no one remembers to tell the script writer !

The alternative is to present the user with all the data (ie. no filter) with a default selection already made on FIELD1 for the worksheets. This has the big advantage that should a new value of FIELD1 be needed, the user can deal with this themselves by adding to the selection.

Has anyone got any views about the best way ?

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Re: Best way to manage default selections


There are many options.  I don't have time for details...  Now, just some directions.
1. Section Access with initial data reduction (or initial data selection)
2. Selection by OnOpen trigger.  Maybe also locikng the selections
3. Filtering in the load script as you have now, but the condition is a variable, so it can be modified from the front end.
Best way - depends on the specific needs.


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Re: Best way to manage default selections

Hi Michael

Good suggestions - thanks!

I will try a couple; option 2 looks best to give the users some flexibility without them having to think too much

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