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Between / subquery /intervalmatch(?) issue

Hi there,

I have a load script issue and I cannot find the solution in Qlik Load language. In SQL this is super easy, with a subquery or someting, but I can't find the right solution.

Here's my case.

I have a table with costprices. When there is a new costprice, there will be a new line and the enddate will be filled out in the old recordline.


Now I also have a orderline table.


In the orderline table, I want to put the costprice of that time. As said, in SQL I would use a subquery or so and in QV I tried things with intervalmatch, but it didn't work out.How can I get the right costprices?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Between / subquery /intervalmatch(?) issue

See attached qvw.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Re: Between / subquery /intervalmatch(?) issue

See attached qvw.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Re: Between / subquery /intervalmatch(?) issue

OK, first of all, that works, thank you very much.

Second; I really want to get this .

You are creating a table with orderline info and all the info from the temp table, and after that, you join on startdate, enddate, itemcode, to get the price in. Right?

I struggled with the intervalmatch and the second constraint (item). Thanks, I learned from this.

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