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Binary Load issue

Hi all ,

I have 2 qvw's ,one containing the backend (script) and the other containing the UI. The qvw containing UI is a Binary Load of the 1st qvw which is containing the backend Script. Now when i drop or comment any field from the qvw containing the script and reload the qvw, that perticular field (that is dropped or commented) logically should not appear in the UI qvw (qvw containing the binary load) file after the reload. But the field is still visible along with its data in the UI qvw. pls help on how to remove this field and its data from a qvw containg binary load.

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Re: Binary Load issue

This logic should work

BINARY test.qvw;

DROP Field Products;

Post your sample screenshots how you are doing.

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Re: Binary Load issue

I remember reading somewhere that Binary loads do not release the cached memory of dropped tables. However, Sivaraj has mentioned something that I do with Binary loads. Do the load and then drop the field or table. If you have any issues, let us know

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Re: Binary Load issue

Do you have an error ?

BINARY xxxx.qvw is your first statement ? in all cases, also when you want to drop fields ?

Is the error you get only for some fields ? some tables ? of for all ?

As Sivaraj Seeman told, this logic should work


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Re: Binary Load issue

Hi Rohan,

when you remove a table from your DB-Modell and afterwards (binary) reload your GUI-QVW as described in your post it should work!

My fault sometimes was this: Did you reload and SAVE the DB-Model before (binary) reloading  the GUI-QVW ?



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Re: Binary Load issue

Hi Rohan,

As already mentioned in above comments, it should work!

Binary load of qvw file before SET statements and Drop fields or tables statements after SET statements.

Reload the application and save it! You will get desired result for sure.


Neha Rangari

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