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Box or Button to exclude results

Dear Qlikview Community!

I'm building a model that includes lots of text results, and its been very hard to exclude results by just using the filter box.

For example, I have 500 tweets, 50 of them have a keyword that I dont want to appear and that messes up my results. My problem is that I can't remove them one by one in an orderly fashion because the user interface doesnt let me....

Can anybody help me out in creating some sort of text input box, or button, that lets me filter any results that contain certain text?

Thank you very much !!!!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Box or Button to exclude results

The easiest way would be to select your keyword within your listbox and then to reverse these selection. The search-engine from qlikview is very powerful and there a lot of good explanations available, especially: Compound Search - demystified | Qlik Community.

Another way would be to filter your expression with a variable maybe from a inputbox, maybe in this way:

sum({< YourField -= {'*$(YourFilterVariable)*'}>} AnyValue)

- Marcus

Re: Box or Button to exclude results

You can restrict that at Chart level also and in back end too. I would suggest to restrict this at back end and use that field in your chart.