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Bring in Production Date from QVD

I have created an extract that grabs 3 tables from SQL and concatentates them into a QVD. This extract runs everyday and generates a QVD for that date, so the qvds will begin to accumulate.

In the Document I bring in all the QVD files. The QVDs are successfully created everyday and there is data in the document, but i want to be able to back-date using the production date that is in the tables. The list of dates are available, but when i select one, all my data disappears, and then when no date is selected, the data is there.

I am not sure if the problem is because the 3 tables I am bringing from SQL server...... 1 table is static data on a hard date that will never be changed that is called 'Initial', so this table does not have a production date attached to it.

The other two tables just take the max production date available so that is how a new QVD is created for every production date as time goes on.

Is the issue because not all the data points have a production date tied to them? If so, is there a suggestion on how I can have static data and dynamic data mesh together under one production date?