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CSV file export issue, any thoughts?

I am exporting a straight table as a .csv file.  The requirement is to have each field wrapped in double quotes so I concatenated them to the field itself, i.e.,

'"' & Material & '"' as PARTNUMBER,

and I even tried,

CHR(34) & Material_MATNR & CHR(34) as PARTNUMBER

however, when I view the .csv file after export in Notepad or WordPad, I see 3 sets on each end of the field value, i.e.,


Any thoughts on how I can get each field value wrapped in a set of quotes like this " Field Value " ?

Also, I am using QV v10 but will be moving this to v11 next week.



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Re: CSV file export issue, any thoughts?

It seems that QlikView is adding the double qoutes automatically when you're exporting data as CSV when necessary, that is if a values contains either a double quote or a comma.

Is it definitely necessary for you to wrap all values in double quotes, even if they don't contain any of these two symbols? Most CSV parsers should be able to handle this format I think.

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Re: CSV file export issue, any thoughts?

Thanks for the reply.

I am waiting for feedback now about the madatory double quotes.  I know that QV11 doesn't allow most macros so I am not sure how to handle it if the requirement comes back with the mandatory double quotes.


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Re: CSV file export issue, any thoughts?

Hi Sean,

I have the same problem...

Do you have been able to take away this "triple" quote output? ;-)

Many thank and best regards,


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