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Calculate and display daily average total in a date range on a combo chart


I have a combo chart showing monthly totals of an event with 'MonthYear' coming from a master calendar.  I'm trying to add a second line (the existing line is just a linear trend line), which shows the daily average of the events/month and is dynamic enough to adjust as the date dimensions change i.e selected year/qtr/month/week etc..  The chart is below.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Calculate and display daily average total in a date range on a combo chart

Hey Roger, try searching on the Design Blog area, here is the link:


Not sure if there is anything direct there, but may be something that will give you some ideas.  

Including the Help for Reference Lines too just in case, that might help a tad too:


If you really need help with the expression for the line, be sure to confirm that, and you may want to attach a small sample app folks can look at to help with that in that case.


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