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Calendar Quarter Query

Hi guys,

I am trying to get a Quarter value to work as expected. I have created a master calendar which I am using for my application.

I use  'Q'&ceil(Month(CalendarDate)/3) as CalendarQuarter to create the Calendar Quarter, but my requirement is for the Calendar Quarter to reflect the last value in the quarter, so Q1 2011 value should be the value in Mar 11 and not the sum of the values in Jan 11, Feb 11 and Mar 11.

Has someone done something similar or does anyone have any idea how I can implement this in my application?

Thank you

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Calendar Quarter Query


So give max(month) condition in Qtr1

hope it helps u



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Calendar Quarter Query

I used Q1 only as an example. I have multiple months of data from 2007 onwards. I only want to display Q1 07 value as Mar 07 value, Q2 07 value as Jun 07 value, Q3 07 value as Sep07 value and so on.

Max will work if only I had one quarter, but I want to display multiple quarters, so people can select a specific quarter and then get its value

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Calendar Quarter Query


Try using the QuarterEnd function.  This will return March, June, Sept. and Dec. month end dates only.  You can also change the quarters if your fiscal year does not start in Jan.


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Calendar Quarter Query

Cheers John.

I am getting closer to what I want to get using the QuarterEnd function you suggested.

Still having a few issues but I hope to get them resolved soon.

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