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Calendar /Script Oddity

Hello All,

All of a sudden I'm not returning data as expected in my salesforce application.  The problem appears to be related to dates.  Up until November of this year, my app matches salesforce reporting to the penny.

I'm using a standard calendar script (as found here: Creating A Master Calendar).  If I choose a quarter from the opportunities table, I'm returning a different revenue number than if I choose the same quarter from my calendar table.  Is there some format conversion that's taking place during the reload on the calendar? (Something may have happened in salesforce that is causing the days to come back as partial days because there are suddenly oddities in the data when looking at different formats, such as decimals.  I'm having our salesforce admin look into that.)

Here are my examples with the script and selection. 

When choosing the Close Quarter taken directly from the Opportunities table:

Close Date - Opp Table.JPG

Opp Close.JPG

And when choosing the Close Quarter taken directly from the Calendar Table:



As you can see I'm using CloseDate as the driving date behind all date choices here.  Why would one return different results than the other?

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Re: Calendar /Script Oddity

‌please post sample application.



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