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Help me.

Using the routine "CalendarFromField" with start month 1, the calendar gives me records to today.

But if specific starting month 11, the routine gives me the following results:

1)Theexercise 2012shouldstart2011/Nov andfinish2012/Oct; however routine results in the following series 2012/Nov, 2012/Dic, 2012/jan, 2012/Feb ......

2) Omits routine values ​​of exercise 2013.

I could tell how to resolve this situation.

Thank you very much.

NOTE: Attached file with both outcomes (beginning with January and November)

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Re: CalendarFromField


Is it correct the omission of the year 2013 since this started until November.

Wrong is the series generated in the year-month field (2012-Nov, 2012-Dec, 2012-Jan, 2012 Feb ...)

Re: CalendarFromField

What version of QVC are you using? There was a fix in V6.1 for start month.


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Re: CalendarFromField

I was using the 6.1 version of QVC, but upgrade to version 7.

For my year 2013 began in Nov/2012, I specify the starting month -1.

Even so on the date 2012-12-01 routine resulted Dic/2013; remove the [Year-Month] MasterCalendar table and turned to create with MonthName

Re: CalendarFromField

Can you upload a sample qvw?


Re: CalendarFromField

To clarify, you are trying to create a fiscal calendar that uses November as the first month of the year. correct?

So the results should look like below:

2012-10-31 = Oct-2011

2012-11-01 = Nov-2012

2012-12-01 = Dec-2012

2013-01-01 = Jan-2012

Is that what you want?


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Re: CalendarFromField

What I want is this:

2012-10-31 = Oct-2012

2012-11-01 = first month of 2013, but represented as Nov-2012

2012-12-01 = second month of 2013 and shown as Dec-2012

2013-01-01 = third month of 2013



2013-10-31 = last month of 2013

I solvedindicatingthat exercisestartsin the month"-1", the problemis that the date 2012-11-01is shown as Nov-2013, being in the following order:





Re: CalendarFromField

I see. CalendarFromField uses the fiscal year in the Year-Month. If you want to use the Year from the date, you will have to add the field yourself.


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