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Call Macro with ActiveDocument using Publisher


I have the following scenario that I need to use with Publisher

1. Reload a document using Macro that outputs an XML

2. The XML file is then read by the same app

3. Upon successful read, the XML file is deleted and data output to QVD

The problem I am having is that a traditional Publisher job is unable to execute the macro because it has ActiveDocument as the From and To Date are set in variables that are passed by the publisher job.

Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this? I also tried qv.exe /r option but for that I need QV Desktop on the server for the service account. While having QV Desktop is not the issue, the service account does not have interactive login capability because of the whole password expire thing.

Any thoughts on a workaround for this problem of mine? I tried setting EnableBatchMode = true in QVDistributionService.exe.config and run the job but that doesn't work either because it is unable to call the macro from load script.


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