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Can QlikView be a standalone ETL?

I strongly believe QlikView can function as a powerful ETL tool. All that is required is to push the QVDs to open database stores.

With the Expressor integration, the Metadata management question can also be effectively addressed.

What is the view of QlikTech? Technically and commercially?

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Re: Can QlikView be a standalone ETL?

As alternative you may consider using our ETL-Tools QlikView connector. It works directly with 23 data sources has more than 300 data transformation and validation functions plus it has powerful GUI which makes it it easy to design complex data transformations even for new user.

The trial has no limitations and can be downloaded today


We are constantly adding new functions and data sources



Re: Can QlikView be a standalone ETL?

Hello rajendran,

Since the acquisition - do you require additional information?

See if the press release answers your question(s).

Read More:




In summary, the acquisition of Expressor is about enabling Metadata Intelligence in QlikView deployments. Enabling IT to achieve Data Governance and giving business users the data they need in a more controlled reusable manner which results in data confidence.

Please let me know if I can further help.


Michael Tarallo

Senior Product Marketing Manager

QlikView Expressor

Mike Tarallo
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Re: Can QlikView be a standalone ETL?

Hi Michael,

any dates on when will we be able to use the "new" tool?



Re: Can QlikView be a standalone ETL?

Hello adrianoalmeida,

You can start now - but please keep in mind that the current version (3.6.4) has what was available pre-acquisition.

Here are some links to help you get started:


You will receive a download link and a license key in your e-mail. (there have been some reports about proxy and network firewalls preventing the e-mail from displaying the long key of characters (license) and the download  link)

If you do not get the link and the key - let me know.

Here are some resources that can help you get started:

Expressor general purpose product and quickstart: http://community.expressor-software.com/quickstart/

QlikView Expressor brief Integration Demo and brief Expressor demo (prior acquisition) and product highlights:


General Purpose KB and resources: http://community.expressor-software.com/resources/

Sample - and Example - Salesforce to QlikView using QlikView Expressor and the QlikView Operators

General Tips and Video Tutorials:


Mike T

Mike Tarallo
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