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Can not add several values to barchart


I try to create a bar chart where the dimension is components used.

But the datasource that is used contain several fields (e.g. if more then 1 component is used in a repair), so I have selected

Component --> that works

Component + Component2 --> that doesnt work

I would like to get the full overview of how many components that are used in total.

How should I do that if I can not just add the 2 fields?

Another question

When I get the bar chart my top is "-" which is default if nothing was changed in the repair.

Can I somehow get all counts, except "-"?

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Re: Can not add several values to barchart

Either you need to use RowNo() with in the object or could you help us to share image

Life is so rich, and we need to respect to the life !!!

Re: Can not add several values to barchart

share the sample file that will be helpful for us to understand the issue better

Re: Can not add several values to barchart

For first part of the question, may be try this

RangeSum(Component1, Component2)