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Cannot use script -=

Hi All,

Please below my script:

if(ID = 'A1', sum({<[PRODUCT] -= {'UNIT-NON'}>} AMOUNT)/1000000)

why field amount for font colour not brown? what's wrong in my script?


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Re: Cannot use script -=

Probably nothing is wrong. The syntax highlighter is not correctly showing some syntax as incorrect, when it's correct in fact.

Does your expression evaluate in the chart?

Re: Cannot use script -=

It shows as error but it works .... you can use the equivalent expression:

if(ID = 'A1', sum({<[PRODUCT] = {'*'} - {'UNIT-NON'}>} AMOUNT)/1000000)

let me know

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Cannot use script -=

Try this:

=sum({<ID = {'A1'},[PRODUCT] -= {'UNIT-NON'}>} AMOUNT)/1000000)

Re: Cannot use script -=

Which version & SR of QlikView are you using?

Versions prior to v11.2 SR12 will show everything after a -= underlined in red although the syntax may be correct.

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