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Categorizing List Box Data Advanced Fuzzy Search

I pulled data from Salesforce.com and the table in QlikView contains leadID and SearchPhrase as fields.

I am looking for a way to label SearchPhrase data as "branded" if it contains "phd" or "esxpress", and "nonbranded" if does not contain such words.  So then I can make a new list box called "Label" and have "branded" and "nonbranded" as the choices in the list box so i could easily see which leads were branded vs. non-branded.  I know I can do fuzzy searches for "phd" and "esxpress" on the SearchPhrase list box that I already have, but being able to create the "Label" list box would make analysis for end users much easier and better .  Anyone know how I can accomplish this? 

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Re: Categorizing List Box Data Advanced Fuzzy Search

You can use Rob Wunderlichs QV Cookbook (http://robwunderlich.com/downloads). It has an example of mapping with wildcards. With this technique you can create a new field for your label. You can then add a new listbox for the new label field.

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Re: Categorizing List Box Data Advanced Fuzzy Search

Thanks for your prompt reply.  The link you shared appears to be filled with a lot of useful info.  I just downloaded the QV example titled "Mapping with Wildcards" and I will follow the logic.  Thanks.

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