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Change the workpath

Hello everyone,

One of my colleague has developped an application on a local server. I wanted to put it on another server as we usually do but there is an error. I know from the debogger the error comes from the workpath which is still the former one.

The error comes there is a store command.

Here is the peace of code :

STORE T_Moyen into Source\Réservation_T_Moyen.qvd;

I dont know where to specify the beginning of the path before "Source" ???

Thanks a lot for your help

Have a good day


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Re: Change the workpath


if you dont set any path before save your qvd is savinb by defect in the same forlder that there is the qvw documento

you could do this:

Set Path_QVD='../QVD/';    //or your root by defect

STORE T_Moyen into  $(Path_QVD)Source\Réservation_T_Moyen.qvd;

this will save the qvd into the root you put before

good luck


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Re: Change the workpath

You can specify it directly in script, if it is always the same
C:\Source\... (locally)
\\servername\Source\...  (on network)

Or, if it may change, it is better to use a variable

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