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Chart based on latest data


Need to display the latest data based on date and other dimensions.

I need to show the latest stock available in the stores. Need to plot a chart with store in X axis and latest stock information(Based on the date) for that store in y axis.


Date    Store,  Product,    Stock

1-Jan,   A,  P1,   100

2-Jan,   A,  P1,  70

2-Jan, A,  P2,  20

1-Jan,  B,  P1,  20

1-Jan, B, P2,  10

My chart should like like below

Store,   Stock

A,  90

B,  30

Pls Suggest some solutions.

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Re: Chart based on latest data


For best performance, I would calculate a flag field in script to mark the latest value by store:


LOAD Max(Date) As MaxDate,


Resident Data

Group By Store;


LOAD Store,


Resident T_MaxDates;


LOAD Store,


  If(Date = MaxDate, 1, 0) As LastDateFlag

Resident Data;

DROP Table T_MaxDates;

Then your chart expressions become simple (and fast):

   =Sum({<LastDateFlag = {1}>} Stock)



Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
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Re: Chart based on latest data

Hi Jonathan,

Your solution works fine. But I have to find the latest date flag for many dimesional level. Is there any way to do it in chart expression itseslf?

Something like


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Re: Chart based on latest data

take Date from store table store in variable

like vLatestDate =max(Date)

pass this in chart using set analysis

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Re: Chart based on latest data

Dear Shanti,

Create 1 variable vMaxDate

= Max(Date)

make Bar Chart

Take Dimension as a Store

And try below Expression


Kiran Rode

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Re: Chart based on latest data

We cannot use a variable as it will always show the maximum date of the stock available irrespective of the Store. For each store the maximum date will vary. So we have to do find out the maximum date for each store to get the latest stock information

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Re: Chart based on latest data

Try this


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Re: Chart based on latest data

Hi Shanthi, You can't use the set analysis here because set analysis is calculated not row by row.

The Best method is create the script level suggested by Jonathan

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