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Class with dates

Hi Community:

I am trying to make a chart that looks like the following:


Here is my data.  I am using the OPEN_QN_FLG field from the QN table and SRC_CREATE_DTTM field from the Squawk table.



The SRC_CREATE_DTTM is in number format and is the date that the quality notification (QN) was opened.  The OPEN_QN_FLG field shows a 1 if the notification is still opened, and a 0 if it is closed.  For my chart, I am only interested in the open QNs, or 1s. 

This is the chart I am getting, and can't figure out how to fix it:




I commented out a lot of lines just because I have tried a lot of stuff and cannot get anything to work right.  I put the num in front of TODAY so that it is in the same format as the SRC_CREATE_DTTM.  Since the SRC_CREATE_DTTM has so many decimals, I used FLOOR in order to get rid of them.

I ideally do not want to change anything in the back end, if possible, because someone else is working on that as I design the front end.  However, if that is the only option we can work together to add to that.


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Re: Class with dates

Also, DaysOpen, in the CLASS function, is not a field, it is just the label that I used to name the classes

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Re: Class with dates


use this expression in calculated dimension


30 - interval

'-' default string

0 is offset value (starting point)

you have to use a function named Replace(string, fromstring, tostring) to display '-' between the range values on x - axis.

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Re: Class with dates


Above is what changed.  DaysOpen was replaced with a hyphen.  That did help, but now I need the buckets to be different values (0-30 days, 30-60 days, 60-90 days, 90+ days)

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Re: Class with dates

Hi Channing,

Please copy paste your calculated dimension here.

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Re: Class with dates

use this for '-' only between the range

replace(class(num(today)-floor(SRC_CREATE_DTTM),30,'x',0),'<= x <','-')

Probably the minimum number of days between today and SRC_CREATE_DTTM  is 420, that's why the range is getting started with 420.

Please share the qvw file for better understanding.

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Re: Class with dates

=class(num(today())-floor(SRC_CREATE_DTTM),30, 'DaysOpen') is what I used originally

But then I changed it to what Anuj said, and then posted the new chart, after using =replace(class(num(today())-floor(SRC_CREATE_DTTM),30,'x',0),'x','-')

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Re: Class with dates


Use '<= x <' instead of 'x'

=replace(class(num(today())-floor(SRC_CREATE_DTTM),30,'x',0),'<= x <','-')

As for Buckets - Maybe you have date for starting 420 days and more.

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Re: Class with dates

So I made a change.  I ended up adding something to the back end.  I added a field called AGE which subtracts the create date and today's date, so the column shows the number of days the quality notification has been opened.  Now, my dimension is this: =replace(class(AGE,30,'x'),'<= x <','-') and that is labeled Age Group.  My expression is sum(OPEN_QN_FLG). 


I feel like I'm getting closer, but I only want 4 bars being 0-30, 30-60, 60-90, 90+.

How do I specify this?

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Re: Class with dates

never mind! I figured it out