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Combine 2 bell graphs into 1

Hi, I am trying to compare 2 normalised distribution graphs for 2 different years (2015 and 2016). Currently, I have to create 2 seperate graphs for each year, however i would like them to be in 1 graph only. How do I combine both graphs together into one?

Currently I am coding it as:

Dimension : =Round(GBP, BinWidth)

1st expression : =Count({<YEAR ={"2015"}>}GBP)

2nd expression : =Only({<YEAR={"2015"}>}NORMDIST(Round(GBP, BinWidth),Avg(total GBP),Stdev(total GBP),0)*BinWidth*Count(total GBP))

for the specific year for 2015, and the same code is used for the graph for year 2016.

Is there a way to code such that both graphs are combined into one, so that comparisons between the 2 years can be more visual?

Thank you!

Attached images for the 2 different years.

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Re: Combine 2 bell graphs into 1

please post an example qvw.





Re: Combine 2 bell graphs into 1

....and it's not possible to have all four expressions in the same graph?

Valued Contributor

Re: Combine 2 bell graphs into 1

I agree with  Klaus ...

You can have all your expressions in one CHART..

and then

  1. Edit the chart and add a third expression with just a value of 0:
  2. A new legend will appear.
  3. Open the properties and go to the Presentation tab. Deselect the Show  Legend option:

this will make sure that your two years data will separate with some space


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