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Comparing list to Alternate State list

I need to compare a list of string values from an Alternate State list to another list of string values in an alternate state and return values in the alternate state that do not appear in the first list.  So, for example...

Alternate State 1                    Alternate State 2

List A                                       List B

String A                                   String A

String B                                   String B

String C                                   String C

                                                String D

The comparison would return "String D".

I have been researching Alternate States, but no luck on a resolution so far.

Thank you!


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Re: Comparing list to Alternate State list

not sure why you need to use alternate state but this expression gives you D

only({<List2 -= {'$(=(concat(List1,chr(39)&','&chr(39))))'} >}List2)

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Re: Comparing list to Alternate State list

Maybe something like

=concat({[State 2]-[State 1]} DISTINCT [String List],', ')