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Complex Section Access problem

Hi ,

I have section access set up on a document based on a number of fields on a central Sales table. e.g. Division, Customer, District.

I now wish to bring in Ledger table into the document.

However I cant just link this to the sales table on invoice number as there are various differences between them. It needs to sit seperate to the Sales part of the document.

I have added a field to my section access (SECURITYB) e.g.


I was hoping to use SECURITYB to secure the ledger part of the document. This is working for users I set up with an entry in SECURITYB.

My problem is that not all users will have access to ledger information but if i leave this blank the document wont open. e.g. user1 in the example above. When user1 logs in he gets a 'Enter username' box presumably because i have strict exclusion turned on.

Is there any way i can make it so that user1 would still see his Sales data but not see any Ledger data? Basically i need the opposite to the *.

Any help appreciated.


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Complex Section Access problem


I don't see any easy solution but, perhaps, adding some dummy information or hiding the sheets where the ledger objects are, based on the SECURITYB field. You can even add this dummy information concatenating to a inline data so the user will always have at least one record linked.

As you say, strict exclusion avoids to log into the document to any user that has no records to see. Actually, if you want to test, what strict exclusion does is selecting all possible values for the user and then reduce the remaining data (like going to File, Reduce Data, Keep Possible Values).

Hope that helps.

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Complex Section Access problem

In cases like this, I append a record to the data table, for example with SECURITYB = 'NONE'
And, the same value in Section Access.

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Complex Section Access problem

Thanks guys.

how would i go about adding this dummy information or appending a record to the data table with SECURITYB='NONE'.

In my data table I have made division=SECURITYB and then hope to link that based on SECURITYB in section access.

If my SECURITYB is the division how do i make it equal to 'NONE' ?

Apologies if i am missing something something simple here


Complex Section Access problem


According to your post, you have a field named "division" which will have several values taht will be linked to the SECURITYB field in section access.

Take the following example and modify to fit your needs

Division:LOAD Field1, Field2, Field3, DivisionFROM File.qvd (qvd);CONCATENATE LOAD * INLINE [Field1, Field2, Field3, DivisionNone, None, None, NONE];

So your table "Division" will always have a "NONE" line with dummy information.

Hope that helps

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Complex Section Access problem

Great. That makes perfect sense now. I'll give it a go and post back how i got on

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Re: Complex Section Access problem

Hi Michael,

please take a look here:

Re: Strict Exclusion issue in Access Point

Can you help me?

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