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Concatenate Load all files in Folder

Hello all,

I took a lot of this script from user Henric Cronstrom. It's new to me and not surprisingly, I cannot figure out why it isn't working. I don't get errors in the script, the script runs and there is no data in the .qvw. I am sure the error is that it's not finding any files in the folder. The code is below. All the Files start with 'OM Holds' (no quotes) then have a date such as OM Holds 23May2013.xls. All the files are .xls.

So the code should run through, find a file, load all the fields, then after the first run concatenate load.

Thanks for any help you can provide1

set vBaseDir = 'C:\OM_Holds\';

set vFileBaseName = 'OM Holds';

set vConcat = ;

for each FileExtension in 'xls'

     for each vFile in filelist('$(vFileBaseName)' & '*.' & FileExtension)




                *,'$(vFile)' as SourceFile


               [$(vFile)] (biff, embedded labels, table is [Export Worksheet$]);


               set vConcat = Concatenate;

     next vFile

next FileExtension

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Concatenate Load all files in Folder

Maybe you need to include the basedir too:

filelist('$(vBaseDir)'&'\'&'$(vFileBaseName)' & '*.' & FileExtension)

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