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Concatenate Multiple Images on Straight Table


My problem is simple, i have some products and tags, for each product I want to display a green circle if, for example, the sales are > 10 and a red circle if the sales are < 10. I want a table where in each months I can see rapidly how many products have the red or green circle like this:

Mont             Tags




I know how to insert images on the table which is using the path like 'qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/led_g.png'. But, how to concatenate various of them?

I tried: 'qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/led_g.png' & 'qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/led_g.png' and doesen't work. The point is that the number of products could be variable and sometimes large to put it in different expresions.

Thank You

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