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Connect with a 32bits client to a database on a 64 bits server

Lately we had an issue with the connection to an Oracle 8 database. For that old database version there is only a possibillity to connect with a 32bits client.

This is possible in QlikView by forcing 32bits. So far so good. We are also working with a Progess database and also that version (I don't know which version) can only work with a 32bits client.

And ofcourse where Progress 32bits client works fine, Oracle was facing a lot of issues. In ODBC connection works ok, in QlikView it doesn't. We read a lot of pages on the Internet and understand that there was something with the path "c:\Program Files (x86)". It's not a QlikView or Oracle issue even Microsoft software like Access and Excel are facing the same issue.

QlikView just do what Microsoft requires, they put their 32bits software in the  "c:\Program Files (x86)" directory and  their 64bits in  "c:\Program Files".

My collegue said  "Why don't we go crazy, and put  "c:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\qvconnect32.exe" into c:\Program Files\QlikView\ .

Now you are wondering if that is working. I can tell you, it works and even the Progress client remains to funtion as well.

Maybe it's a good idea for QlikView not to listen to the requirements of Microsoft and just put the qvconnet32.exe in the same directory as the qvconnect64.exe.

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