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Connecting to SQL Server Cube

Dear community,

I am new to Qlikview and just starting to explore the possibilities of this BI-tool.

To keep it short, I would like to know if it is possible to connect to an OLAP Cube that I created in SQL Server? That way I can explore the different representations of this data in Qlikview, dashboard style, ectetera. Just to analyse this data and test Qlikview.

I am using the Personal Edition and the SQL Server is also on my local laptop.

I'm not a script/programming person so I hope there's a way to "click" my way into this.

How to connect to OLAP Cube in SQL Server? Please share your knowledge.



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Connecting to SQL Server Cube

Check out this link at the bottom


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Re: Connecting to SQL Server Cube


Did you check O-delta™?

"O-delta™ by DataForce Ltd. is the most comprehensive Solution today for companies to dramatically cut down Time & Money of Connection, Migration & Integration of OLAP (mdx.) data cubes to any QlikView’s models, from months/ weeks to days/ hours !!! Http://www.dataforce-solutions.com The Benefits are: • Minimum need of skills/ knowledge of the current OLAP cubes’ structure • Leverages OLAP cubes development investments • Intuitive, integrated & consolidated view of all BI information as a front end • Mobile availability of old and new BI applications"