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Connecting to an Oracle Package


I want to get data from an oracle DB. DBA dosent want to give direct access, but have created an Oracle Packages i can use.

The packages i want to collect data from is called "STATISTICS" and the function is INBOUND_TRAFFIC(datetime, datetime)

I expect it to return 4 fields in each row.

Is this possible in Qlikview? Can i connect to this package and return the data?

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Re: Connecting to an Oracle Package

LET vDatetime1 = now()          // just an example, replace with something useful

LET vDatetime2 = now()-1     // same as above


SQL select STATISTICS.INBOUND_TRAFFIC ( $(vDatetime1), $(vDateTime2) )

from dual;

Give the two datetime parameters proper values and make sure they're the data type that the package function expects.

You could ask your dba to show you how to call the package in for example sqlplus. That would give you a better feel for how things work.

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Re: Connecting to an Oracle Package

This dosent seem to work, mabye because the Oracle Packages returns a REF CURSOR?