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Connection to Google Analytics

I would appreciate your help in the following issue:

I'm standing in front of a potential client who wants to connect the  BI tools to Google Analytics. "Against" us standing our friends from Tableu and I understand that they have built-in connection to Google Analytics.

1) How does our connection to Google Analytics works, including costs?

2) How would you approach this client against actual competition?


Kogan Michael

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Valued Contributor

Re: Connection to Google Analytics

You can connect to Google Analytics using the QVSource Connector:


It is a well tested solution in use by a large number of customers, some of who have given case studies for our website:


You can download a fully functional trial and request pricing from our website.

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Re: Connection to Google Analytics

Chris, I'd like your advice against the competitors. Why it's better to use QV with QV source connector instead using Tableu?

Valued Contributor

Re: Connection to Google Analytics

Hi - Actually I am only really familiar with QlikView so I am probably not the best person to ask.

We specialise in connectors to APIs, currently focusing on QlikView. This seems to be a more general QlikView vs Tableau question as it seems both tools will be able to load the same data from Google Analytics.

Maybe somebody else with experience of both products will chime in .

One thing you could check is if Tableau has any good references around this, for example we have a few on our website including this show casing a customer who is loading 200,000 rows from Google Analytics a day using QVSource + QlikView:


We also have an awesome async/parallel feature built into QVSource which lets you run multiple loads for Google Analytics (or any other connector) on parallel threads which can be a hug performance boost depending on your specific use case:


We are also very responsive, have 115+ professional recommendations on LinkedIn:


And 25 5 star reviews on QlikMarket:


Another advantage of going with QlikView + QVSource is that if, in the future, they needed data from say Twitter, Facebook, Google AdSense, DFP or any of the many other connectors available they would simply be able to plug them into QVSource and continue working in a consistent way,

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Re: Connection to Google Analytics

Is there a free way of connecting to google analytics?

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Re: Connection to Google Analytics

Hi Julio,

Did you ever found a free way to connect to Google Analytics?



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Re: Connection to Google Analytics

I have no updates on this issue yet...

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Re: Connection to Google Analytics

Go through this pdf file

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Re: Connection to Google Analytics

Hi ,

Just Check Out if this Link Helps you .




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