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ConvertToLocalTime silly question


I have two fields, one with a date and another one with the time. Both fields are in UTC Time zone and I want to convert to GTM.

I was using function ConvertToLocalTime() but I'm not able to make it work for some reason.

I tried with ConvertToLocalTime(DATE + TIME, GTM()), ConvertToLocalTime(date(DATE, 'YYYY-DD-MM') + time(TIME,'HH:MMSmiley FrustratedS'))

and also with something like this:


chr(39) &

left(DATE,4) & '-' & Mid(DATE,6,2) &'-' & Right(DATUM,2) & ' ' &

left(TIME,2) & ':' & mid(TIME,4,2) & ':' & Right(TIME,2)

& chr(39),



....... and did not Work.

what am I doing wrong?


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